Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swords & Wizardry White Box as therapy

I have not been blogging much because of gaming projects like this one. A few months ago A friend of mine asked Me to use games to help with his Physical therapy class for those with motor skill issues, of course I said yes. To accomplish the goals of fine motor control therapy I used S&W white Box rules, large dice, miniatures and a battle mat. The dice helped with grip and motor control the mini's and battle map with reaching and stretching. The party consisted of A pair of fighter, two magic users, a Elf and a Dwarf. The first encounter was with a party of goblins that were dispatched with little trouble the next encounter was a group of soldiers in full retreat from some Bug Bears they were a bit more troublesome but a Elf with a bow in the party is always a good thing. The fighters were bummed because they had not purchased ranged weapons. The progress made by the players in real world results was great by the end of the program. Motor control and dexterity issues improved and the participants came away with a new hobby, some dice (grateful for the one pound bag of dice) The links to several OSR game companies and everyone got to make and decorate their own dice bags (thanks to the arts & crafts people from a local Church for their generosity and time) When asked if I would do this again I said yes. these people have been hurt in accidents, suffered debilitating illness, abused and who knows what else the time I spent was well worth it if you get the chance to use gaming to help others take the opportunity the smiles alone are worth it.