Saturday, June 2, 2012

(Re) introducing Wizards World

Back in 1983 A small California company put out a very good fantasy game called Wizards World. It had so many different and groovy ideas that were ahead of its time like each race having its own dice rolls stats, a magic system that gives Wizards a lot better utility at lower levels especially when combined with the racial advantages of Elves (spell points baby). instead of Armor that doesn't make you harder to hit but reduces damage, percentage base rolls for combat and other things, Intervals for betterment between levels. Our first session involved a Elf Wizard, A dwarf attacker,a half Elf defender and a Human warrior. They headed off into fangheart Forest looking for the creatures responsible for the deaths/thefts of local livestock. they encountered a Troll at waiting to collect tolls for safe passage thru the Forest. The party tried to negotiate a price when they found themselves trapped by two other Trolls. The combat was joined with the Trolls taking initiative and getting in first strike but the party returned blow for blow. The combat system took a little practice but soon it was mastered after the trolls the weather took a turn for the worse and the party sheltered in a cave inhabited by a friendly old human Scout (heh, heh) who gave them information about the forest. By this time it was time to call it a night, we will play again. I highly recommend this game it is available from Gobliniod Games both in PDF and Print. This game was years ahead of anything I remember from that era and still walks with games of today and outpaces many of them.


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