Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting ready for Michicon!

I am going to run sessions for Mutant Future and Swords & Wizardry at Michicon I am really looking forward to this early start to my "convention season". since their are people who have zero con experience points here is how I prep first get your adventures ready and I mean really ready proof read play test if possible then work out the bugs. remember we are their to have fun so don't take yourself or the game like it is the end of the world (took me years to get over that). check with the con about about food and drink rules, staying hydrated is critical some cons you cannot bring food or drink so have to buy from the convention hall others tell you to bring your own, I like these because I can take a five dollar case of water and have some to share with others. Now lets talk about hygiene you know stuff like take a bath, use deodorant,brush your teeth and yes I have had people at my tables who did not do these simple things. if you are GM arrive early and ready to go, smile and thank your players for signing up for your game.

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