Sunday, September 26, 2010


Okay Saturday I was scheduled to run a game of Swords & Wizardry at a game store well that turned into three real quick as people saw what fun we were having laying the smack down in a dungeon crawl of my own design. Ablosore our fighting woman was hacking with a two handed sword, Olor the holy, our cleric was bashing and healing,Roger redhammer the Dwarf proved why gobliniods should run from him on sight Ellie the Elf showed her skill with the bow and Amir the magic user was casting with mad skills .
As the party entered the dungeon they were met by four goblins "Oh, look" said Ablosore "walking footballs" battle ensued and was short but the goblns got some licks in and heal light wounds was popular all of a sudden (gotta love crits for the G.M.)
as the party pressed on they piled the dungeon treasure High on their exit they found the retainer and their mules had been eaten by some Orcs and the hunt for vengeance was on after tracking them to their home they laid the smack down on them like the a hurricane with the magic user opening up with a wand of magic missiles "bet they didn't think that was groovy" yes he really said that. Next the Dwarf laid into a Orc with a Battle axe soon the Orcs were defeated: end game one
Game two we had five players same adventure new characters only these people didn't have the Imagination of the first but by the end they started to get the idea.
the last group swore fealty D&D fourth edition, but the D.M. was missing so they took the Inn Of Palmer st old school challenge, these people played like it was a therapy session "we don't do that in 4th edition, what rule covers that" the one that says the G.M is right "you can't have that treasure at this level the D.M guide says so" good thing were not playing 4 e huh boys and girls "what do I need to roll to see if the door is locked?" no roll just say you are trying the door "Oh, didn't think of that" and now my favorite one is " that was way more fun than 4th edition how much does it cost and where do I buy it?" Again the old school challenge claims a victory (this is not a 4e knock please don't take it that way)


  1. Sounds like you're spreading the word while having fun. :)

    "What do I need to roll to see if the door is locked?" Priceless.

  2. Thanks for posting this has a great laugh over lunch!