Monday, March 29, 2010

A good day gaming

ITGW is over for another year here is my report.
On Saturday March 27th I was at Evolution Games running home brew events for Swords&Wizardry,Mutant Future and Classic Traveller gaming started at 10:00 the S&W demo went longer than I expected with five players most of have never played a RPG before all had a good time this went on till 1400 then a lunch break after that was Mutant Future the players had locate a medical android to save their village from a plague the party succeeded and the village saved thanks to the Mutant plant PC named little daffodil(don't ask)this lasted till 1700. then on to Traveller another home brew called the chronicles of the star motive company the players salvaged a old free trader and fitted it for salvage work this lasted never would have guessed getting parts was so hard huh? (insert evil GM laugh here) the fifteen players seemed to enjoy themselves and with a little luck I will game with them again.

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  1. " most of have never played a RPG before all had a good time"

    That, right there? That's awesome.
    - Tavis