Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Aliens have landed

My new Mutant Future campaign is going to introduce the little gray men of Area 51 fame here are the stats

The Gray Aliens
these are the aliens of area 51 fame in 1945 the first arrivals either crashed or could not survive in our atmosphere for a long period as a result they waited and watched for their opportunity to advance their agenda .
Str : 6 saving throws : 17
Dex : 18 poison or death : 14
con : 10 stun attacks : 16
Int :20 Radiation : 15
will : 20 HP : 30 HD : 2
cha : 12 ac : 5 and a force screen belt
Nobody Knows the true alien agenda ( if any ) but it is known that they are stranded and have been Kidnapping pure humans for their experiments .
The aliens are armed with a plasma pistol and a stun pistol .

I got the idea from some old conspiracy magazines I ran across in a used book store
these guys should make for some interesting adventures .
On the Swords & wizardry front I am putting together a dungeon crawl for this weekend . I just downloaded the third printing of the core rules not much different then second printing . My next adventure is a woodland adventure for the white box rule set .
now time for some " quality " t.v the discovery channel has a new show on tonight called the colony a " reality " show about surviving the end of the world as we know it . I bet they don't even have a single mutant animal not even a spider goat .

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