Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a Month

OK my mom is home from the hospital and I am now her full time care giver ( read here cook meals , do laundry , interact with social worker and therapists ) over the holiday I had the group over for a little Swords & Wizardry , Mutant future and some ribs on the grill . so I started setting up on the third when the one of the therapists showed up and saw my "evil gonna burn in smoking hell for playing " Swords & Wizardry core rule books and informed me I was a Satanist and she was going to call adult protective services and blah blah blah . BIG MISTAKE her bosses son is in my game group to quote the kid from the Simpson's HA ! HA . now on to the game action .
We started Saturday morning with some S & W the Temple of the Iron God then Moved on to a home brewed dungeon crawl about four we started the charcoal for the ribs and a classic Traveller event somewhere in here we consumed a mess of ribs , Cole slaw , potato salad , and various other food stuffs Stopped and watched the fire works ( visible from my front lawn ) than played until 4 am Sunday morning . a good time was had by all .

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  1. I'm glad your mother is back home again.

    Isn't it kind of weird that there are still people who think role-playing is satanic. I thought people were over that by now.