Friday, December 3, 2010

Stars without Number

I am just geeked over this new sci-fi game. It is a sand box game in the old school style using forms from classic science fiction and fantasy role playing games. Character Generation is a standard 3d6 and modifiers are old school indeed. Skills are explained well but give room for referee interpretation and expansion. Personal combat is little different basic combat is Roll 1d20...
+ target’s Armor Class
+ attacker’s Combat skill
+ attacker’s attribute modifier
+ attacker’s Attack Bonus
If the total is 20 or greater then the attack hits. A
natural roll of 1 always misses, and a natural roll of 20 always hits.
World generation is done with five rolls of 2d6 and one roll 1d100. I will Address more later if you want this game see the link to [s]ine [N]omine publishing.

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