Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sci-Fi kind of mood.

And the OSR ROLLS ON ! I want to look at some of the Sci-Fi games that have been revived/never went away and the new “old school” so let's see what the features are for some of them.
Classic Traveller, this is the grand daddy of them all first released about 1977 it was My intro into Science Fiction gaming over the years a complete background universe has around it as well as a series
of miniature war games, a large group of fanzines. Even though the science is outdated such as computers it is still in print and play.
Starships and Spacemen was first published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in the Eighties it has been called unbranded Star trek it is nice game and is back in print as well as the board game Star explorers thanks to Goblinoid games buying the rights to these two classic systems. As long as We are talking about G.G they also have revived Time Master, I have never played this one so I can't say a lot about it save that it looks interesting.
Today We have at least two excellent new games done school style one is X-plorers
from Grey Area games and published by brave Halfling publishing asking what if the fathers of the role playing hobby were more into science fiction than fantasy when they wrote that first set of official rules back in 1974? it is well worth looking at.
Next up is Stars without Number it has elements from several old school games is easy to pick up world generation and ship generation are quick and easy with several supplements. the good news is Mongoose games will be publishing this game this will put it in game stores look for a September release date or get it from RPGnow.
This is just a overview I will be do a fantasy overview in the next week or so then a post apocalypse game review.
If anyone knows a great game I missed please let me know.