Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Game Smack Down

This holiday season I ran some invitation only games for very close friends some gamers and some new to gaming ran some Swords&Wizardry core rules "a return to the palace of the Silver Princess"
Traveller " The thing at Liberty station" and some Mutant Future "Land of rust and secrets".
first one "a return to the palace of the Silver Princess" is my sequel to the original D&D module It has been 20 years since the events in the events in the original module, It's 20 years later and a new princess is being held captive in the palace by the wizard Rovex the party must rescue her but all is not as it seems.this was played on the 27th of December.
the second one a Traveller adventure finds our players on layover at liberty station when a strange green slime begins to consume the station itself can the players find a way to stop it and save the station? played on the 29th of December.
the finale was Mutant Future The land of rust and secrets the players venture to Detroit to find preruin artifacts to sell (and hopefully get rich) only to be captured by a strange cult bent on building a giant doomsday robot to purify the earth. this was played on New Years Eve and lasted until 6:00 am on January first. I did manage to get a reputation as preferring slow torture to killing P.C's out right. I hope everyone had a great holiday.

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