Saturday, November 7, 2009

T minus one week till con

It is about one week until U CON and things are starting to come together the sample adventures are almost wrote up the CD'S are made the pamphlets are printed. Now if people will quit volunteering me for free labor I will finish things up and be ready to go. Here are some of the games I want to demo
Swords&wizardry core rules: The Keep in the Swamp of suffering.
The players have heard about the wealth that has been deserted in the old keep of the swamp. All they need to do is go get it, yeah right
Classic Traveller: The thing at Liberty station.What horror is stalking this busy space station and how is the Arkham Research Corporation involved?
Mutant Future: Wasteland not want not.The players must find the pre ruin medical equipment to produce a vaccine or face a horrible death by wasting away.
this just what I have so far
So the attendees better be ready to party like it's 1974 BABY!

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