Thursday, May 28, 2009

OK OK I know this has probably been reviewed before but here is My take on this .
When WOTC pulled all the older D&D pdf's from the market I searched for an in print old school alternative and S&W tried the core rules and really liked them so I got Monster book first thing is Lulu did a great job of printing and assembly , delivery was in four business days .
Now on to the monsters there are definitely old school monsters here
as well as a bunch of new ones , the thing that stood out to me is credit is given were someone's work was used shows the publisher cares and hopefully it is a sign that the old school Renaissance will be player / community / publisher driven and not just a corporate feeding frenzy so far Mythmere games has delivered on the goods I hope to see great things in the future . other companies take note this how to do it .

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