Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My adventures with Swords & Wizardry

Last night I tried S&W on my friends six and eight year old kids . It was smash hit after rolling up characters we played through a simple dungeon crawl of my own design . the game held their attention with out overwhelming them , the eight year old generated her own character with out help they played their rolls well , took their damage with out crying ( I have had adult gamers who were not this good ) now they want to be part of the regular " big people group" . their mom is a "new school roll player " the dad is sort old school but accuses me of wanting to torture the player character instead of just out right killing him/her . who ? me must have me confused with some one else .
STAY TUNED !! this could get real interesting .


  1. They'll come around. S&W is just so damn easy to run and play I don't see how after a few sessions no one wouldn't want to keep playing. Glad you had fun with it!

  2. Yep..that's the way to keep our hobby alive!

    There's a kid who has sort of adopted Garish and me as her "cooler-than-my-parents grownups" and has just begun playing a bit of 4e with her parents, parents' friends and older brother. She says it's sometimes hard to keep up with, so I've planted the 0e seed with her.

    And now she and a few of her young friends have gotten a look at our miniatures collection and I think that 0e seed just started to sprout. j

    S&W, you might could say it was made for kids, but still good enough for grown folk.. kind of like Frosted Mini Wheats? :D