Friday, February 20, 2009

The care and feeding of Gamers

It has come to my attention that Gamers are in need of special food and drink , let us explore these needs .
The first need is drink this is usually something called Mountain Dew , a yellow beverage that is widely available but is cheapest at the big stores of massive excess for the average game group 5 to 6 cases should suffice .
Energy drinks are whole different category these include red bull , monster , rock star ETC .
Solid food the main staple is pizza the more toppings the better also several side items such as Corn chips , Dorritos , potato chips , funyons I recommend a small truck load per session .
the last thing needed is a case of tums for the aftermath of the game session .
I will add more in future posts .


  1. Dude! No cookies? And where's the huge honkin' bag of Reese's Mini Cups and M&Ms?

    But if you really want high-energy carbo-loading sugary goodness, check out this recipe for Igor Bars ( courtesy of Dork Tower )

  2. I'm more of a coffee and doughnuts kind of guy, but for soda I go with Dr. Pepper!